01. The electronic journal publishes articles, studies, research papers, scientific reports, projects, drawings, graphics, etc.
02. The periodicity of publication of the electronic journal is 2 issues for one calendar year.
03. The layout and graphic design of the e-journal are approved by the Editorial Board of the Research Activity Council.
04. The materials in the electronic journal are published in Bulgarian and in foreign languages.
05. The publication materials in the e-journal are offered for scientific review in the relevant department and after approval are submitted to the Editorial Board by the Scientific Secretary of the relevant structural unit by letter. All materials approved for publication are accompanied by an abstract in Bulgarian, English and Russian.
06. In order to be recognized as scientific publications in Bulgaria and other countries, the materials published in the e-journal contain the following elements:
- ISSN for the electronic journal;
- © - reserved for each author.
07. The author grants the copyright for publishing the materials in the electronic journal to VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar"
08. The publishing materials in the e-journal are submitted by the Editorial Board to the University Publisher in digital form and printed on paper or sended an email to verlag@vfu.bg.
09. The electronic recording of the materials for publication in the electronic journal has to meet the following technical parameters:


- page margins size in cm: top - 4.8, bottom - 4.9, left and right - 3.5;
- font: Times New Roman 12 p;
- spacing: 1.5;
- charts and figures to be created as ...
- formulas to be created in ...
- title: Times New Roman 12 p, capital, bold, center;
- author's details: Times New Roman 12 p, regular, bold, center, include their first name, father's name and surname, educational and scientific degree, scientific degree (rank), organization in which the author works.

10. Upon completion of the publishing processing of all the materials intended for the respective issue, the University Publisher submits the materials in digital (pdf-format) form to the TI for publication on the Internet.
11. The schedule for submission of the materials to the University Publisher for publishing processing and e-publishing is determined by the Editorial Board and is published on the Internet.
12. The access to the electronic publications is free but with guaranteed protection from external interference.
13. The published materials are archived in the TI after the publication of the next issue of the electronic journal.
14. The costs of the creating and periodical publishing of the e-journal are distributed equally between the faculties and the Foreign Language Teaching Department.  
15. Authors are not paid for publishing because the magazine is not commercial.
- The authors of the published papers in the е-JOURNAL VFU are fully responsible for the precision and credibility of their texts and the information included. Their thesis and positions express personal point of view and do not engage the members of the Editorial Board of the е-JOURNAL VFU.
- The authors have read and approved the final manuscripts.
- The studies and articles are released according to the order of their approval for publishing by the Editorial Board of the е-JOURNAL VFU.
- External authors (lecturers or students from other educational institutions) should pay a fee on the spot or by bank transfer to the following bank account:

Municipal Bank PLC
IBAN: BG22SOMB91301416075801 – in euros (for foreign students)